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Deferentectomy, also known as a vasectomy is a method of contraception in which a man has a minor outpatient surgical procedure where numbing (local anesthetic) of the scrotum followed by 1 or 2 very small incisions are made, allowing a surgeon to gain access to the vas deferens (often called the "tubes"). The tubes are cut and sealed by tying, stitching, cauterization (burning), or otherwise clamped to prevent sperm from entering the seminal stream.

Currently in practice, there are 4 variations of a vasectomy. Note, that the newer methods may reduce recovery time, while alleviating post-surgery pain. Ask your doctor which procedure would be best for you.

1. A Scalpel Vasectomy is the most traditional and still in use.

2. A No-Scalpel vasectomy (coined Key-Hole), in which a sharp hemostat (clamp, forceps), rather than a scalpel, is used to puncture the scrotum. It may reduce healing times as well as lower the chance of infection from incision.

3. An "Open-Ended" vasectomy obstructs or seals one end only of the tubes, which allows continued streaming of sperm (by virtue of the un-sealed vas-deferens) into the scrotum.

4. A "Vas-Clip" vasectomy does not require cutting the tubes, but rather uses a clip to squeeze shut the flow of sperm. This method may facilitate a better chance/outlook for reversal, as well as reduced pain (post-procedure). Overall contraception success rate is lower than traditional methods.

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